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Super Genius LLC Red Camera Production

Super Genius LLC just wrapped a pretty cool bi-coastal production featuring the new found love of our lives – The RED ONE (red camera). Yep, the same lightweight high def beastie that Peter Jackson and Doug Liman have been using for features we just put two of ‘em through some paces on a Discovery Communications production for the Science Channel. Final film and more detail are on our actual site but on the production side for our needs this was a winner. Two camera green screen set up with a heavy post back end (lots of pretty and amazing graphics magic) flows a lot easier when everything is digital. There was a learning curve – these files are huge! – but the payoff in terms of post flexibility was great. Lot of buzz about the Red Camera these days but probably fair to say we’ve been one of the early adopters for sophisticated commercial and broadcast production. The Red Camera site does a nice job of summarizing many of the advantages we discovered in process:

“How does 4K compare to 35mm film

Most 35 mm film outs that have gone through a scanning process have been scanned at 2K, or one quarter the resolution of 4K. Only extremely high content VFX work is generally scanned as high as 4K. Viewers that see RED footage for the first time either describe the quality as 65 mm film or “grainless 35″.

More pragmatically, it is the elimination of the cost of film and processing that make the RED ONE so economically attractive, in addition to its extraordinary quality.”

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