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Super Genius ‘house band’ helping save Mr. Beef

“Supra Genius” (the Super Genius house band – see what we did there with the spelling) is lending a hand to beloved Chicago food icon Mr. Beef. On Friday March 6th, Supra Genius will holding a  benefit concert – dubbed Beef Aid – at the Beat Kitchen (2100 w. belmont @ 10pm.)  This event is in concert (ha!) with the “Keep Mr. Beef Alive” grassroots movement started by Chicago do-gooder and beef-loving adman Mark DiPietro.  “Keep Mr. Beef Alive” has been getting some good pub locally, and just did a star turn on the local FOX newscast and in the pages of the Chicago Tribune. For those of you unfamiliar with the drama, here’s the cliff notes…

“When Mark DiPietro of ad agency Jacobson Rost read that the banks had called
for MR BEEF to pay his $650,000 loan in full, a switch went off.
“I am new to Chicago, just moved from Detroit where the recession has been
in full swing for some time.  When I would tell people that I work at Erie
and Orleans they inevitably say, yeah, that’s by MR BEEF Jay Leno’s favorite
restaurant in Chicago.” “Mr BEEF is a landmark, a neighbor, and selfishly I
enjoy their wet, sloppy old school beefs.”

So Mark decided to do something about it starting a “Keep Mr. Beef Alive”
page on facebook that has spawned a number of related groups rallying to
support MR BEEF. This Thursday March 5th at 12:30, Mark will give FREE BEEFS
for the first 50 people to line up at Mr. Beef 666 N. Orleans. Go to
facebook for details, or just show support by heading to MR BEEF. Whether
coincidence or just good karma, local TNT show “Trust Me”, written by former
Chicagoans Hunt Baldwin and John Coveney, mentioned MR BEEF numerous times
in last nights episode. Seems the Chicago creative community is fueled by
MR. Beef sandwiches.”

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