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The Great Recession is Over. Now What?


ass kickin' time

I know you probably don’t remember this, but a year ago, you were sweating bullets. The end was nigh, this was the big one, the economic cataclysm that would consume a generation. You saw your life flashing before your eyes.

And then? Well, things got bad for a while. But somehow armageddon was averted. The ship righted. The blood stopped flowing. And you opened your eyes and realized that you weren’t going to die this time.

Every few years or so, a turning point pivots this little roller coaster called the economy. You don’t realize it at the time. You only see it in retrospect. When Netscape went public. When Google launched. Seismic events that redefine the economy and change the rules of the game.

This is that moment.

We’re at the bottom of one of the biggest recessions in American history. All the deadwood has been cleared out, the money is starting to flow again, and the 2010’s are going to be defined by what you do right now. The tendency is going to be to sit back and be cautious, because people got burned by this thing and they’re not going back into the fire.

More playground for us.

Because the next decade is going to be defined by those of us who recognize the signs. Who realize that media isn’t dead, it’s just fractalizing. Who know that people don’t change habits just because they’re moving more and more of their life online. Who know that whenever something dies in an ecosystem, there is nothing but daylight for the sure and the strong.

Recoveries are made by those who invent them.

If you wait for others to see how warm the water is, you’ve already lost. Pretty soon the whole pool will be packed with people. You’ve got six months, tops, to try to do the things you’ve wanted to do, and help shape what the next phase will look like. After that, you’re locked into whatever shape the economy will take. You’ll be a spectator, not a driver.

Stop reading blogs. Go reinvent the economy.

Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.

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How to Find Great iPhone Apps

appstoreHere’s the honest truth: finding good apps takes work. The best ways to do it are to link in to a group of like-minded people via twitter or subscribe to RSS feeds that are experts in the genres you’re looking for. Then filter by iPhone app. Developers are frustrated because of the signal-to-noise ratio is so high, and Apple’s people have no idea how to parse and promote, so there are literally thousands of developers tearing their hair out, my cousin being one of them.

So listing a group of “best” iPhone apps is like listing a group of “best” songs. It’s so diffuse as to be meaningless. You need to find your passion first, then see, in the parlance of our times, if “there’s an app for that.” Instead of looking at solutions, you should be looking at interests and opportunities. There the magic lies.

Finding the right iPhone app is like good sleuthing. You can’t rely on lists, or promotions, or rankings, because the definition of what a good iPhone app is keeps changing. If you look at the apps that came out when the App Store debuted, there wouldn’t be a single one that you’d be proud of today. Apps are disposable things, even the useful ones. So when you look for “good” apps, you’re really looking for the one you want right now. You don’t need iPhone apps, because you were getting by just fine without the Jesus Phone.

Apps are personal, and specific. The best developers understand that, and don’t put out stuff like iFart. So, the best way to look isn’t hey-I’ll-try-the-free-popular-ones or going by Apple’s Hot News releases. It’s by asking yourself what you want a phone to do, and find a developer who shares your vision. Then follow them relentlessly.

Better yet, make your own. Because six months from now, we’ll be astonished we put up with crap like this.

I know this isn’t a convenient list, because it’s more complicated than the question appears: it’s truer than a series of pat answers. Apps are a personal thing. Everyone knows about the Google and Facebook apps. Nobody knows about the terrible dreck that deserves to be shot. Your mission is to find the golden, personal, useful, beautiful layer in between. (since we’re not complete sadists, may we also suggest the following: Appsniper, Appbeacon, Apptism,Unofficial Apple Weblog, Ars Technica, 148Apps.)

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