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Welcome to the Social

Are we being “Facebooked” to death? How much friend connectivity are we supposed to take? Apparently a lot more. Facebook has launched yet another (dare I say) instrusive feature called Facebook Connect, that allows members to log onto other webistes using their Facebook ID and track their friend’s activities on those sites.  Connect also lets you broadcast your activity to your friends.  So basically if you’ve discovered a great new Skateboarding

Stop Following Me!

Cat video on “Funny or Die”  you can invite your other half-wit buddies over in real time to check it out.  All the other big names are getting in on this act as well.  Fine, I suppose. I still wonder if there’s real utility to this kind of functionality.  Do you really want your friends tracking your online movements? I don’t want my spouse tracking me online much less a bunch of people I barely remember from elementary school.


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