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New Media Breakthrough: Books!

Demographically challenged housewares brand Electrolux has commisisoned a book (“Men in Aprons“) to attract a hard to reach demo of young adult men who do laundry and other house chores but rarely pay attention to other forms of media. What? No YouTube? No Viral Video?

Men in Aprons Men in Aprons

‘Men in Aprons’ by Alex Mattis

Dan Fielding is the envy of his mates – a job in television, a flat in Islington and the perfect girlfriend, Anna. Then Anna walks out on him. To make things worse, his boss, one of the country’s top chat-show hosts, has it in for him, setting him a series of nigh-on impossible tasks.

With his love life and career going wrong, Dan is forced to take a good look at himself. Why did Anna walk out? Was it really – as she claims – because he’s domestically incompetent? With the help of his posh new flatmate Jackson, he sets about becoming a god in the kitchen, with hilarious consequences…



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