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Do These Pixels Make Me Look Fat? Virtual Retailing Comes to a Site Near You.

Tired of shopping in the real world? American Apparel is preparing to launch the first major retail event in the virtual world of Second Life and cross-promoting with their real world counterpart. The grand opening of the American Apparel’s Second Life store on Lerappa Island (sl-url) is scheduled for July 28, 7pm PST/SLT. The company plans to offer an “exclusive preview of our new Denim Slim Slacks for men and women” and will offer a “15% discount on any Real Life item you buy in Second Life”.

American Apparel has stores in eleven countries on three continents, but none of them are anything like the latest “virtual” store. This is the first “real life” company to open a store in the amazing world of Second Life.

For the uninitiated, Second Life is a vast 3-dimensional, digital world filled with people to meet, places to visit, and things to do. You start by creating an “avatar” – basically a virtual representation of yourself. Then you jump inside and explore. It’s like merging MySpace and The Sims. And best of all, now you can outfit your avatar in the same stylish t-shirts, swimwear, and dresses you love to wear in real life.



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