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This Just In…Repurposing TV Content to Cellphones “Bad Idea.”

What happened to using your “phone” to “make calls”?  Too old-school?  Like everyone else we’re still waiting for tsunami of excellent mobile content that was supposed to transform our Motorola into the 3rd screen.  Problem is…there’s plenty of stuff out there, most of it bad.  Anyone who’s simply hijacking stale TV content and compressing it for phone viewership is living in pre-revolutionary France (and we all know how that ended).

Com CentralExporting a Dying Content Model to a New Medium?
Verizon Wireless CMO Warns of Pitfalls in Producing Content for Mobile Phone Networks
Speaking at the Madison & Vine Conference in Beverly Hills, Verizon Wireless CMO John Stratton criticized the increasing ineffectiveness of traditional advertising venues such as broadcast and cable TV while warning Hollywood producers about “exporting a dying content model” to the new third-screen medium. He predicted mobile phone networks would “in a few short years” control up to 30% of the $100 billion U.S. market for brand advertising.


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